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Dance India Dance Li’l Masters Season 3 (2013) Audition Coming Soon

Dance India Dance Li'l Masters

The famous dance reality Dance India Dance is coming back with its child version of Dance India Dance Li’l Masters. The first two season was very successful of DID  Li’l Masters.

After giving two successful season the DID  Li’l Masters is back with season 3.

This time there will be more entertainment and fun with little dancing sensation.

So get ready to dance with DID  Li’l Masters season 3 2013. It is coming very soon.

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Rakesh Gupta
Rakesh is a Founder & Editor of All10List.com. He launched All10List as a passion project. He like to write about interesting things in the world.


  1. Hip Hopor Rahul Dancer says:

    HELLO SIR N MAM MY STUDENT COMING THIS SHOW SO PLZZ DATES N VANUE N MY NU.09024405155 N MY ID.rahuldancersharma@gmail.com

  2. Manav Verma says:

    Hi sir i want to participate in this contest plzz send the date of audition my no. Is 8527322306 and id is manavverma65@gmail.com!!!!!

  3. Momo singh says:

    Sir i am coming. To yoUr shoW.
    And u cantacts mE . I am used facebook .u contact mE .I AM ANY STRLY ? DancE ,….OK SIR BYE?

  4. Momo singh says:

    Sir dance is my jOy

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  7. sahil says:

    Helo sir,
    hw r u ! Sir me ek esha dance aapko dikhana chahta hu . Jo aapne khbi nhi dekha hoga so…….. Plz call…… Ya msg no. 9278953522 8-)

  8. saumya kapil says:

    i want to participate in did so plz send me the date and venue for the auditions on the no.9896051733

  9. kamlesh kumar says:

    Sir I Want to participate in DID LITTLE CHAMP Plz send me the audition venue and date sir.mob.9798585696

    • Charan says:

      RobertApril 25, 2012I would have sung you a lullaby, but you atpraenply didn’t need it. Nice to hear you finally got some sleep. I hope the audition goes well. No, I hope it goes better than that! Good day to you!

  10. sujal goenka says:

    sir,i am sujal. i am a good dancer n i want to participet in did little master,,,,,so please call me on papa’s cell….its 09431248621………………………………….bye

  11. Sparsh Chaudhary says:

    Sir, Kindly give me the DID Little champs season 4 audition venues. Kindly call or msg at my Papa’s cell No. 09935655542

  12. hi sirme aapko acha break dancedikha unga so please call me on this number 9763056756

  13. deepak midha says:

    Sir.dance is my daughters passion.she lives for dance.I request u to confirm me the delhi audition dates of dance india dance so that I will send my daugtet for audition to fulfill her dreams

    • Karina says:

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  14. Mohima mahato says:

    Sir, Kindly give me the DID Little champs season 3 audition venues. Kindly call or msg at my cell No. 9911874020

  15. Deepan Batra says:

    Hi I am Deepan!
    I am constantly trying to know the date and also the venue of the auditions of DID li’l Champs but I am not able to succeed..
    So if you could tell me so please contact me on my phone number.. It is 9999666012
    You can also leave me a message.
    Please,please tell me those information!!

  16. Hello sir i am simran i want participate in did litle masters so pls send me date and venue contact number 011-65730614 or 8130106998 from- new delhi 15.

    • Eni says:

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