Top 10 Coldest Countries In The World


Winter seasons and cold weather excites many peoples but do you know there are many countries in the world which always stay cold even in the summer. These countries are cold from other countries in the world.

Here is the list of Top 10 Coldest Countries In The World.

10. Mongolia 


In Mongolia, the average weather can be  less than zero degrees. The temperature in April to October is just little above the freezing point. The temperature inJanuary and February can be very cold and can go in minus 20 degrees.

9. Iceland


The name of this  country can give the idea that it is very cold country. The temperature of this country can go – 40 degrees.

8. Kazakhstan


When the country has reached the winter season, you will find it very cold compared with the comfortable warm summer. The coldest part considered in the area is Astana where there is a large amount of rainfall. The winters are so called that most people will suffer from frostbite when outdoors.

7. Finland


Finland is cover with snow  for four months during winter. During this period, the temperature can dip until minus 20 degrees. But during the summer period, you can find the weather quite tolerable. The coldest part of this country  is in Lapland due to the strong winds in the area.

6. Estonia


Estonia may not have a  low temperature compare to other , but it is cold enough to prevent comfortable living.The precipitation may come and go in unexpected periods through in this country.

5. Greenland


The temperature of this country is the very low range. The lowest temperature can be minus 9 degrees and the highest can reach 7 degrees. This happens even during the summer. The Greenland is covered by a large sheet of ice due to this the temperature is very low.

4. United States of America


Alaska is the coldest place in America where temperatures can go very low for many months. The temperature can go up to  minus 62.2 degrees. The climate of Alaska is very dangerous.

3. Canada


Though the regions in the area may have different ranges of temperatures, the country is generally cold. The coldest part may be the Prairie Provinces where the temperature can reach to minus 15 degrees during the day and minus 39 degrees at night. The place is also windy, which just worsens the cold weather.

2. Russia


The Russia is cold country and temperature remains very low for most of the months. In the first few months, the minimum temperature is minus 27 degrees and it can go as high as minus 8 degrees. Even during the summer, the weather is still cold having an average of minus 3 degrees.

1. Antarctica


Antarctica is the coldest place on the Earth. The temperature here is very very low, it has recorded minus 89.2 degrees temperature. It is very difficult fro any person to live in such an extreme temperature. Most of the land in Antarctica is covered with the glacier.

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