Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime


Check out the list of Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime. Rape is not only the problem of one country but whole world is facing this problem. The rate of this crime is increasing year. Most developed countries are on top of this list.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime

10. Ethiopia


Ethiopia is one of the country where rape is very serious crime. Ethiopia is one of the country with highest rate of rape cases. In Ethiopia, women and girls are kidnapped and raped. According to UN report, 60 % of women in Ethiopia were faced sexual violence.

9. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is one of the country with highest Rape crime. According to UN study on Men and Violence found that 14.5% of the sample of Sri Lankan men had perpetrated rape at some point in their lives. 4.9% had raped in the past year. 2.7% had raped another man. 1.6% had took part in a gang rape. 96.5% of the men who had raped experienced no legal consequences. 65.8% didn’t feel worried or guilty afterwards. 64.9% of rapists had raped more than once, and 11.1% had raped four or more girls or women.

8. Canada


2,516,918 total rape cases were reported by rape victims in Canada. Most of the rape victims do not report in police. According to study, only 6 % percent of women reported to police and one of three women had experienced a sexual assault in Canada. Many women were found physically injured in raped.

7. France


3,771,850 total rape cases reported by raped victims in France. But only 10 % of women only filed report and most of the women in France do not filed report.  According to report,  every year 75,000 rapes are reported in France. France is at number 7 in our list.

6. Germany


Total 6,507,394 rape cases are reported in Germany which is very large figure. 240,000 women and girls died because of this serious crime in Germany. Germany is well developed country not only in technology but also in Rape cases. Germany is at position six on this list

5. United Kingdom

Women Against Rape demonstration London

UK is one of the  developed country in the world but crime rate of rape is very high. According to a report, over 400,000 women are sexually assaulted each year and One in five women (aged 16 – 59) has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16.

4. India

India Gang Rape

Rape in India has become very common crime. Rate of this crime is increasing year by year in India. Most of rape cases in India involved persons that is known to victim like relative, parents In 2012, 24,923 rape cases were reported according to National Crime Records Bureau. But most of the victims do not filed the report or do not able to file report.

3. Sweden


Sweden is at third position with highest rape cases in the world. In Europe, Sweden has highest number of rape cases. In 2009 there were 15,700 reported sexual offenses in Sweden, a rise of 8% compared to 2008, of which 5,940 were rape and sexual harassment (including exhibitionism) accounted for 7,590 reports. The rape cases has increased very rapidly in Sweden in this ten years.

2. South Africa

MDG : South Africans call upon President Jacob Zuma to tackle the country's rape epidemic

The rape crime is very common in South Africa. South Africa is second country in the world with highest rape cases. 65,000 rapes reported in 2012, and country also referred to as the “rape capital of the world”. In south Africa, 25% of men are involved in rape cases and most of them attempted rape in teens. There is no tough punishment for rape in South Africa and therefore the rate of rape cases increasing very rapidly.

1. United States



America is leading power nation in the world but it is also a leading country in rape crime. In America, among 99% are done by male and from total victims the 91% are female and  9% are males. In US, 0ne of 33 mens are involved in rape cases. Many women reported that from age 14 only they experienced rape attempted on them. The most of the rapes happen in inside the homes.

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