Top 10 Deadliest Animals in the World


Animals are becoming dangerous day by day due to satisfy our needs. Many friendly animals can become dangerous to our life. Many peoples are becoming target of this animals and graph is increasing rapidly. Even small animals can give us big harm. We have made a list of top 10 deadliest animal in the world.

10. Hippopotamus

A hippopotamus is seen in a pond at the Zoological Park in New Delhi, June 2009 (Raveendran/AFP/Getty Images)

9. Australian Box Jellyfish

Australian Box Jellyfish


8. Great White Shark

A Great White shark jumps out of the water as it hunts Cape fur seals near False Bay off the coast of South Africa. (Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images)

7. Grizzly Bear

A grizzly bear and her cub are seen near Trout Creek at the Yellowstone national park, July 1964. (Bryan Harry/Yellowstone National Park).

6. Cape Buffalo

A Cape Buffalo is seen in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, December 2007. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

5. Elephant

An elephant is seen at the wildlife sanctuary in Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka, November 2012 (Lakruwan Wanniarachchi//AFP/Getty Images)

4. Crocodile

A Saltwater Crocodile at the Australian Reptile Park in Sydney, January 2006. (Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

3. African lion

A lion is seen in a zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, August 2011(Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images)

2. Snake

A deadly Eastern Brown Snake is seen in Australia. In a single bite the snake can deliver enough venom to kill 20 adults. (William West/AFP/Getty Images)

1. Mosquito

A mosquito sits on a stick in Martinez, California. Mosquitoes make number one on the list of deadliest animal in world. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Mosquitoes is most deadliest animal in this world. It kills more peoples then any other animals in a year. It also spreads different types of diseases.

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