Top 10 Indian Medical Anomalies Till 2013


Now days we are hearing about lots of medical anomalies in India. In earlier days it was treated as freak and peoples were not accepting them. But due to development in medical science this cases can be treated. Here is the list of top 10 Indian medical anomalies till 2013.

10. Achondroplasia (Dwarfism) – Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge-Achondroplasia-World Smallest Woman-Indian Medical Anomalies

Achondroplasia is a genetic disorder and is the most common cause of dwarfism. Jyoti Amge hailing from Nagpur suffers from this disorder and this is the most extreme cause of achondroplasia recorded. She is currently the recorded holder for the world’s smallest woman in Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of Records. On her 18th birthday she entered the record books with a height of just 24.7 inches. She has already appeared in a Bollywood movie and plans to pursue a career in Hollywood.


9. Uterus Didelphys (2 Wombs) – Rinku Devi

Rinku Devi-Uterus didelphys-2 Wombs-Indian Medical Anomalies

Uterus Didelphys is a uterine malformation where it is presented as a paired organ for fetus development. Most women are unaware of this complication unless there is a complication during pregnancy. Rinku Devi, an army officer’s wife from Patna delivered two boys in 2011, each from a different womb. It is believed that she conceived them a month apart from one another. The babies were delivered prematurely by C-section and were perfectly health during birth.

8. Situs Inversus – Ashok Shivnani

Ashok Shivnani-Situs Inversus-Indian Medical Anomalies

Situs Inversus is a congenital medical condition in which the thoracic and abdominal organs are a mirror image of their normal positions. It affects the position and anatomy all the major organs like heart, stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. Without proper medical diagnosis, it is very hard to diagnose anyone with this problem and can go unnoticed for a lifetime. Ashok Shivnani from Mumbai was diagnosed with this problem on review of his diagnostic scans for his kidney tumour. The doctors at Lilavati Hospital were shocked and amazed when they found that all his major abdominal organs were either reversed or misplaced. During operation, doctors also found that he had no small intestine, the large intestine was very small and his liver was split into two, one on each side. People with this condition lead a very normal life and need no surgeries to correct this condition. In the 2009 Bollywood movie Luck, Imran Khan played the role of Ram, who has his heart on the right side which saves his life from a bullet aimed to the left side of his chest.


7. Progeria – Five Siblings

Bisul Khan and Razia Khatooon Five Children-Progeria-Indian Medical Anomalies

Progeria or Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder occurring 1 in 8 million live births. Children suffering from Progeria show symptoms of resembling people three times their age. Only 80 such cases are currently reported with 140 total cases reported in medical history. A family from Bihar has five children suffering from Progeria. Three daughters and two sons of Bisul Khan and Razia Khatooon suffer from progeria. The couple also has two perfectly normal children. The couple’s three affected daughters have already died and the two progeric sons aged 23 and 22 (medical age of 70 and 66) are still alive. Amitabh Bachchan played the role of 13-year-old boy suffering from progeria in the Bollywood movie Paa in 2009.


6. Lithopedion (Stone Baby) – Ananthamma

Ananthamma-Lithopedion-Stone Baby-Indian Medical Anomalies

Stone baby or lithopedion is an extremely rare medical phenomenon that occurs when fetus dies in abdominal pregnancy (outside the uterus). When the fetus is too large to be absorbed by the body, to protect the mother from the dead tissue and infection, body calcifies the fetus. It is very common for stone babies to go undetected for decades unless there are any medical complications resulting from it. This rare phenomenon happened to a woman from Mahaboobnagar in Andra Pradesh. She was admitted to a local hospital complaining of intense abdominal pain. She was examined and after a few tests, she was diagnosed to be bearing a stone baby. The stone baby weighing 2 kg was removed after surgery. She had carried that baby for 30-35 years. Only 300 such cases are known in the recorded medical history.



5. Hypertrichosis (Werewolf Syndrome) – Prithviraj Patil

Prithviraj Patil-Hypertrichosis-Werewolf Syndrome-Indian Medical Anomalies

Hypertrichosis is a genetic disorder, which results in excessive growth of dark and thick hair all over the body with extreme cases being called Werewolf Syndrome. Prithviraj Patil from Sangli district of Maharashtra suffers from a similar condition. At present only 20 cases are reported worldwide of this disease with such severity. Other than the excessive facial hair growth, Prithviraj is perfectly healthy. His family has tried a variety of treatments including ayurvedic, homeopathic and laser treatment, but to no avail.


4. Polydactyly (Multiple Fingers) – Akshat Saxena (34 Fingers)

Akshat Saxena-Polydactyly-34 Fingers-Indian Medical Anomalies

Polydactyly is a congenital medical condition where people are born more 20 fingers and toes (digits). The record for the most number of digits is held Akshat Saxena of Uttar Pradesh, who was born with 7 fingers on each hand and 10 toes on each foot. In spite of having 14 fingers, he did not have any opposing thumbs. He underwent a series of surgeries to amputate his excess digits. The record for the most number of digits previously was held by a boy in China with 31 fingers and toes, whose name his family declined to disclose.


3. Ischiopagus Conjoined Twins – Lakshmi Tatma (Eight Limber Girl)

Lakshmi Tatma-Ischiopagi Conjoined Twins-Eight Limber Girl-Indian Medical Anomalies

Ischiopagus conjoined twin is a rare medical condition in which conjoined twins are fused from lower half of their bodies. Lakshmi Tatama born in 2005 in Bihar was born with four legs and four hands with this condition. Her twin was headless due to its underdeveloped in the womb. This gave her the appearance of Hindu Goddess of wealth Laskhmi, after whom she was named. Due to this condition, she was unable to crawl normally or walk at a young age. At two years of age, she underwent an intensive 27-hour surgery under the care of 30 surgeons that was successful. The conjoined parasitic twin was completely removed after the surgery. Sometime later in a television show, she was shown making efforts to walk on her feet with her thighs fastened with a spacer.


2. Fetus in Fetu (Man Fetus) – Sanju Bhagat

Sanju Bhagat-Fetus in Fetu-Man Fetus-Indian Medical Anomalies

Fetus in Fetu is a very rare congenital condition in which a twin grows inside the other sibling in the early stages of pregnancy and survives long after its birth. Sanju Bhagat, a farmer from Nagpur had lived his entire life with an unusually globose stomach. One day at the age of 36 he was admitted to hospital on an emergent basis with complaints of breathing distress. Surgeons removed the parasitic twin from his body after operating on him and reported they were quite perplexed at first. The fetus had quite long fingernail suggesting that the twin was alive for a considerable period of time after Sanju was born.

1. Haemolacria (Blood Tears) – Twinkle Dwivedi, Rashida Khatoon


Haemolacria is an unusual medical condition that causes the person suffering from it to produce tears of blood. The tears can vary from being slightly red tinged to completely composed of blood. Twinkle Dwivedi from Lucknow suffers from this very rare condition that causes her to bleed from eyes and other parts of her body spontaneously without any apparent visible signs of wounds. She has been the subject of a number of medical research studies and also part of a television show on National Geographic. No possible explanation as to her condition was concluded by the researchers. Rashida Khatoon another girl from Patna came forward with similar condition. In both these cases, no pain is reported by them on shedding tears of blood

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