Top 10 Limousines cars in the world


When we think about Limousines cars the first think came in our mind is big and luxurious ride. The Limousines cars is very famous in world wide. Many peoples are confused which car is best Limousines car. Here is list of Top 10 Limousines cars in the world.

Infiniti QX56

Limousine Infiniti QX56

This limo is based on the Nissan Armanda full-size SUV and it is also a full size sport utility vehicle. It has a comfortable and very stylish seating arrangement for 20 to 22 passengers and this model of limo is designed by the F-Alpha Platform.

Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX-7

Mazda or Mazda RX-7 is kind of sports car and is manufactured by the Japanese automaker company. This exotic limo is all about from the comfort and luxury from top to bottom.

Lincoln Navigator

Limousine Lincoln Navigator

In Urban luxury, Lincoln Navigator is simply the ultimate model. This luxurious limo is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion

Ford Motors Company is the manufacture of this stretched SUV limo. It has a comfortable and luxurious seating capacity for up to 9 passengers and it is one of the favorite models of the limo rental or limo buyers.

Chrysler 300

The high performance and luxurious features of this car includes wiring harnesses, front seat frame, suspension design, 5-speed automatic design, steering column, all wheel drive system, etc.

Cadillac Escalade

limo Cadillac Escalade
The seating arrangement in this car is for the 17 passengers. The best features of this car include fiber-optic lighting, full bars, leather upholstered seats, LCD TV and a DVD player, etc.

Cadillac DTS


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