Top 10 List Of Most Expensive Mobile Phones In World

Mobile phones has become a part of our life. We have heard about many phones like Samsung galaxy s4 or or iphone 5S that they very costly nad expensive, but there are many mobile phone which are very expensive and thousand time costlier then this smartphones. Let see the top 10 most expensive Phones in the world.

Top 10 List Of Most Expensive Mobile Phones In World

1. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

It is manufactured and designed by Stuart Hughes a British designer. The home button is made up of 26 carat black diamond. The logo of appleis  made by using 45 beautiful diamond. It is coated with gold and it is very beautiful. The price of this phone is $15.3 Million i.e 864756000.00 Indian Rupee.

2. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose - the most expensive mobile phone in the world 2013

It is the 2nd most expensive phones in the world. It is owned by Stuart Hughes. It is made up of rose, gold, diamond and platinum. The fine pieces of diamond used to make it beautiful. It’s price is $8  i.e Rs. 44,66,80,000.

3. iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker

iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker

It is 3rd most expensive phone. It was designed by Goldstriker International. It is made up of gold and diamonds. The logo of apple is made up of diamond. Many diamonds and gems are used. The price is 3.2 millions i.e Rs. 17,84,32,000.

4. iPhone 3G Kings Button

iPhone 3G Kings Button

This phone is designed by famous Peter Aloisson. It is coated with white and yellow gold . The main eye catching thing is that the home buttone is made up of 6.6 carat gold which is very expensive. The price is $2.4 million i.e Rs. 133728000.

5. GoldVish Le Million

GoldVish Le Million

It is designed by Swedish designer ‘Emmanuel Gueit’. It is very beautiful phone and it is very beautifully designed. In this phone 18 carat gold is used. It is owned by famous Russian business men. It’s price is $1.3 million i.e Rs. 72436000.

6. Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

It is designed by Peter Aloisson. It is coated with gold and used many diamond to make this phone beautiful. The price is $1.3 million i.e Rs. 72436000.

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

It is one the best luxury phone in the world. It is an master piece. It is designed by Gresso, a company famous for its luxury phone. The gold, diamond and 200 year old African blackwood has been used. The price is $1 million i.e Rs. 55720000.

8. Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra

It is designed by Vertu. It is very luxury phone but the features in it is not very luxury, i mean it has only basic mobile feature compared to other phones. The price is $310,000 i.e Rs. 1,72,46,850.

9. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

It is designed by Garen Joh. In this black diamond used for plating. It has many features compared to other. The look of this phone gives feeling of luxury. The price is $300,000 i.e Rs. 1,67,10,000.

10. iPhone Princess Plus

iPhone Princess Plus

The name princess is given because of princess cut diamonds are used in it. The phone is very good looking and gives the luxury feel. The price of this phone is $176,400 i.e RS. 9995706. Join us on facebook page for more info.