Top 10 Most Beautiful And Hot Female Politicians in the World


In past, mainly men’s were the politicians and women did not get chance to take part in politics. But now women are stand with  men on same line. Today’s women are more  successful and taking part not just in politics but in every field. There are many countries were women are politicians and improve the society and these women are not just intelligent but very beautiful. Here are the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Politicians in the World.

10. Maria Rosaria Carfagna:

Maria Rosaria Carfagna

She is one of the most beautiful and charming ministers  present in the world today.  Maria Rosaria Carfagna also known  for her image as the top less model.

9. Orly Levy:

Orly Levy

She is very hot and beautiful politician and she can attract anybody with her killing look and attitude.

8. Alina Kabaeva:

Alina Kabaeva

She is one of the hottest member of Russian politics.

7. Joanna Kabaeve:

Joanna Kabaeve

Joanna Kabaeve is hottest politician of Poland and one of the most beautiful politician in the wolrd. She holds the Ph.D. holder in economics.

6. Eva Kaili:

Eva Kaili

She is one the beautiful and hottest politician in the world. she has very successful politician career and she can definitely five tough competion to any female model.

5. Anna Maria Galojan:

Anna Maria

She is very beautiful and hot face in politics of Estonia. She is very  successful politician of the Estonia.

4. Ruby Dhalla:

Ruby Dhalla

She is  Miss Canada runner of 1993 and very well know face in the world in field of politics. She has impress with work and look to many other politicians.

3. Kashmala Tariq:

Kashmala Tariq

 She is from Pakistan and one of the beautiful politician of Pakistan politics. She is very famous because of her work as well as her look in Pakistan politics

2. Sethrida Geagea:

Strida Geagea

She has very good sense of fashion and she how to carry herself. She is definitely a most beautiful politician and therefore she on second position on our list.

1. Yulia Tymoshenko:

Yulia Tymoshenko

She was a very successful business women before she enter in the politics. Now she is first prime minister of Ukraine and she is most beautiful politician in the world.

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