Top 10 Powerful Countries In The World


Today’s world all countries are trying to become more powerful from each other but it is not as easy work as it looks. The power of countries are judge on basis of there nation’s economy, military strength, diplomatic influence, technological power  and population. The top ten powerful countries of the world are

 Top 10 Powerful Countries In The World



Canada is 2nd largest nation after Russia in the world. It is very powerful countries due to close relation with US and UK. It is very big and strong nation.

9. Italy

Flag of Italy 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World

Italy is powerful nation from Roman times. Though it facing some political and financial problems but it is very strong nation today also. It has set high standards of living in the world. Italy is also a long term members of international organization like UN, EU and NATO.

8. Japan

Don’t judge this nation with its size because it ranked 10th in world’s population. Japan is strong in field of science, automobiles, industry and technology. It has very strong and powerful military with high budget. All this makes Japan very powerful as well as dangerous nation in the world.

7. India

India is biggest democratic nation in the world. The economy is not so strong but due to its 2nd largest population in world makes India powerful. According to fact, India will become 3rd or 2nd most powerful nation till 2050.



Russia is biggest and largest country in the world in size. It is rich in field of mineral resources and they are the leading oil and gas producers in the world.



Germany has very strong economy where it ranks 4th in the world. It has strong military power. It spend lot of money for defense force.

4.United Kingdom


United kingdom is very powerful nation from past . Long time before it was the superpower of quarter part of earth. It is forth most powerful nation in the world. It rank fourth in military power also.

3. France

France is not as powerful as before but still it is very powerful nation by its fifth ranked military and GDP. The population of France rank 21st in the world. But high standards of living and involvement in international issues makes France very powerful country in the world.

2. China


China has strong and largest man power than any other country. In the world. Though its budget is not comparable to US but second rank in GDP makes China a very powerful and one of the dangerous nation in the world.

1.United States


United is most powerful nation in the world. It spend lot of money on its military power than any other country in the world. It has top GDP in the world. It is very develop in field of all things. US is 3rd most populated country in the world.

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