Top 10 Signs Or Symptoms Of Pregnancy


Top 10 sign of pregnancy

Many women’s always asking question to herself that i am pregnant or not? Most of them are not sure about it. Many women’s don’t know that they pregnant even after four weeks of pregnancy. Here are the Top 10 signs/ symptoms of pregnancy.

Top 10 Signs Or Symptoms Of Pregnancy

1. Food cravings

Food craving can be sign of pregnancy. I know many of them don’t know that this can be sign but it’s true. If you having some sign from this list with craving then you may be pregnant.

2. Frequent urination

You may find yourself going toilet very frequently that can be sign of pregnancy.

3. Darkening of your areolas.

The darkening of nipples can be the sign of pregnancy due to imbalance of hormones.

4. Implantation bleeding or cramping.

Eight days after the ovulation, the bleeding or cramping you may find and that can be the sign of pregnancy.

5. Fatigue

If you feel lazy or tired that can be the signal. Fatigue is important sign of pregnancy.

7. Altered sense of taste.

Many women experience the taste change in it. You may want to eat some spicy or pickles.

8. A missed period.

A miss period is very important sign of pregnancy and most of women find themselves pregnant.

9. Morning sickness

You may not feel sickness in early weeks of pregnancy but you may feel later after some more weeks and it can be sign of pregnancy.

10. A positive home pregnancy test.

If you are waiting of miss period and want to do it at home that can be a good idea.

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