Top 10 Tea Selling Companies In The World


Tea was firstly produced in Asian countries but now England, the United States and many other countries also producing. Green tea has become quite popular in many countries. Lets look at Top 10 Tea Selling Companies In The World.

10. O-cha

O cha Tea Top 10 Tea Selling Companies


It comes from Shizuoka Prefecture from Japan. It is produce in  Uji, the area in Japan, is producing tea from 12th century.

9. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Tea Top 10 Tea Selling Companies

Hortons Green Teas are very popular in the world mostly in America.  The company has both hot and cold options available.

8. JPort

jport tea

This company is an expert in producing the best quality Japanese teas as well as accessories for drinking and preparing tea. The company imports more than sixty different blends of teas as well as accessories from different areas of Japan.

7. Arizona

Arizona Tea Top 10 Tea Selling Companies
Arizona  mass producer of energy drinks and iced tea and it is US based company.

6. Tassimo

Tassimo Tea Top 10 Tea Selling Companies

Tassimo company is  manufactures tea products. They recommend serving Green Tea in a large heatproof glass or mug with 1 tsp. sugar. Ice cubes, fresh mint and a halved fresh strawberry should be added for better taste.

5. Tetley

Tetley Tea

The Joseph and Edward Tetley in 1800s decided to produce green tea and the company is still in the market at present. However, in year 2000 the Indian company Tata Group bought the company. This company serve tea in more than 40 countries.

4. Akbar Brothers

Akbar Brothers Tea Top 10 Tea Selling Companies
Akbar Brothers is a family company that appeared in the early 1900s and it has more than five generations of knowledge and experience in the field of trading tea.

3. Wissotzky

Wissotzky Tea Top 10 Tea Selling CompaniesThis company is joint venture of two firms from Israel and Europe. The company first appeared in the mid 1800s in Moscow and at present it has its headquarters in Tel Aviv. All the tea leaves used are harvested when they are still really fresh in huge tea fields in China.

2. Lipton

Lipton Tea Top 10 Tea Selling Companies
Unilever own the Lipton tea manufacturing company and the brand has now reached more than one hundred different countries. Sir Thomas Lipton created the brand in the highlands of Scotland back in the nineteenth century.

1. Twinning’s

Twinings Tea Top 10 Tea Selling Companies
It is UK based company which  has sold its products for more than 3 centuries. As a matter of fact, the logo of the company is one of the oldest in the market nowadays. The products they make have a light and really pure taste.

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