Top 10 Things Only Men Can Do


Things Only Men Can Do

We have heard many times in our home or outside that women’s can do this and that. But men can also things that women cannot do. We have made a list of top 10 things only men can do.

Here is list of op 10 things only men can do.

10.Go Topless

we can walk topless anywhere we want but women’s can’t do this.

9.Hold Our Booze

we can control ourselves even after drinking a alcohol.


we can proudly wear a hair on our chest, arms, legs and in nose but women cannot.

7.Navigate Spatially

we can observe things better then women’s.

6.Shave Our Heads

we can proudly save our head but women ?

5.Play Real Sports

Men’s are real sport person then women’s.

4.Fertilise Eggs

Without men’s women cannot give berth of a child.

3.Pee Standing Up

we can pee whenever and anywhere just by standing up, but women has to unzip, pull down and crouch before going for it.

2.Stick Ourselves In Things

we can do this better than anything else like rod, plastic begs or mambas or any artificial things. Our natural instrument is better than this thing which can stick into middle of things naturally.

1.Getting Sexier With Age

we stay younger and sexier for long time then women’s.

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