Top 10 Ways People Can Commit Suicide


Every year more then one million peoples in the world die because of suicide. Peoples commit suicide because of many reason mental reason. Suicide is not a way to overcome problems. Here are the Top 10 Common Methods of Suicide.

10. Drowning

Drowning in deep water or sea is easiest way to commit suicide because we did not have to do anything.

9. Electric Shocks

Electric shock can end our life in seconds without any serious pain .most peoples do prefer electric shock to end their life.

8. Exsanguination

Slit the wrists with a Sharpe edge weapon is also common way to commit suicide. This method is mostly done by females. This is very painful method to cut the rope of our life.

7. Jumping

Some time people are so much frustrated from their life’s that they don’t want to live anymore. When ever they see skyscrapers the idea of death come to their mind that if they will take a jump from the highest floor of a specific building they will be die easily. So the jumping from a largest and tallest building is easy and faster way of death.

6. Suffocation

Some people encase their head with a plastic bag and asphyxiate you and in this method nitrogen or helium directly inhaled is useful.

5. Carbon Monoxide Inhalation

The inhalation of Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) is the cheapest way of suicide and most common way also. It can end human life very easily.

4. Poisoning

Taking poison for suicide most is very common thing today. The peoples who are in deep depression and they think there is no other way better then suicide use poison as suicide material.

3. Hanging

Hanging is another common way to call death urgently. In the situation of extra stress and hyper tension people hang themselves with a ceiling fan or a tree, they fasten their head with a loop and stand on chair they take rid from chair by a kick and hang with themselves, in this situation their neck break instantly and they embrace death.

2. Drug Overdose

Some people use drugs for to save and some for death. They take over dose of some harmful medicines which are injurious to health. Normally people take overdose of sleeping pills and they commit suicide and some people take extra dose of alcohol for suicide purpose.

1. Gun Shot

gun shot


Gun shot is most common and fastest way to commit suicide. Most shoot their brain or heart to end their life because they both very important part of human functionality. Many richest and popular peoples choose this method to commit suicide.

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